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Metropolitan Police Department shared its arrest records related to homosexuality. If you read only the Hoey committee's published generalities and statistics, it is easy to see those caught up in the purge as numbers on a page, rather than particular human beings.

During the same hearing, D. Congressional investigation, and the institutionalized exclusion that followed, created a sizable Pages in category Gay men s websites effect. Disputes broke out over this scope. Committee clerk Ruth Young recalled that an elevator operator in the Senate was found to be on "the District of Columbia list of known homosexuals.

The senators heard testimony from Lt.

Pages in category Gay men s websites

These people are frightened to death, and the agencies, some of them are frightened. Written by Flanagan and approved by the committee, the report concluded that gay people should not be employed by the federal government because they were "generally unsuitable" and constituted "security risks.

Each chamber had a problem. Park Police provided its "Pervert Records" in two separate documents, one for government employees and the other for everybody else.

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Senator Smith asked Dr. Public Health Service, observed, "We have many individuals who are not completely homosexual. Just over a week later, Deputy Undersecretary of State John Peurifoy, testifying before a subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, revealed that the State Department had ousted 91 homosexual employees as security risks.

During World War II, many men and women left behind the restrictions of rural or small-town life for the first time. In the unpublished committee records, however, the individuals emerge just a bit—in passing references and fleeting anecdotes.

Pages in category Gay men s websites

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