A National Gay Men s Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAP

Late congenital syphilis corresponds to tertiary disease in the adult and can be prevented by early diagnosis and treatment of the infant. Aboriginal people. Department of Health and Human Services; Revision History.

Furthermore, social practices such as anonymous sex, alcohol and recreational drug use, and non-verbal communication that characterize sexual activities in gay bathhouses may be barriers to practising safer sex Footnote Deleted in proof. Although less common, syphilis can also be transmitted through injection drug use, through broken skin on the body, and from mother to child during pregnancy.

Table of Contents Acknowledgements Introduction 1. Want to stay abreast of changes in prevention, care, treatment or research or other public health arenas that affect our collective response to a National Gay Men s Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAP HIV epidemic?

Getting tested for syphilis is relatively easy, while modifying sexual behaviours through social marketing is relatively difficult. A key focus of HIV prevention efforts among gay men and other MSM has been the implementation of behavioural interventions that encourage consistent condom use for anal intercourse.

A National Gay Men s Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAP

Across Canada, infectious syphilis rates are on the rise. Subscribe to eTOC. However, it is also possible to become re-infected with syphilis after treatment. As part of efforts leading to the development of a National Gay Men's Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAPAustralian researchers conducted complementary mathematical modelling and social research studies to explore the potential long-term impact of different interventions on syphilis prevalence among gay men and other MSM in the country.

The model a National Gay Men s Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAP matched available outcome data, and we were able to identify the key model parameters that were highly influential. They saw little incentive to further diminish their sexual pleasure beyond what they were already doing for HIV prevention, in order to avoid syphilis Footnote Send a copy to your email.

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  • The Public Health Agency of Canada would like to acknowledge the individuals, community representatives, researchers and government officials who contributed their time, expertise and experience to the development of this resource. Of note are the individuals who provided advice and guidance during the external review process:.
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The Aboriginal to non-Aboriginal rate ratio declined steadily between The disease Infectious agent The causative agent is the spirochaete bacterium, Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. There are a number of other Treponema pallidum subspecies that cause non-venereal infections including: pertenue yaws , endemicum bejel or endemic non-venereal syphilis and carateum pinta.

A National Gay Men s Syphilis Action Plan NGMSAP

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